How to live without sketch & rock with Photoshop (yeah for windows PC)

Let’s admit it first and freely.

As an UI designer I regularly work on Adobe Creative Cloud apps on Windows . Such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect etc. On day I discover the one of the greatest invention for UI designers, Sketch. It makes the design process 10x faster .

As like other I was really exited about sketch, but wait !!! what ??? It’s available only on MacOS. You gotta be kidding me 🙁


ok, Not every one can afford a high configuration MacBook for graphics designing. So what can we do ?

since then I had a vision to live without sketch and rock with the power of Photoshop for windows. this not easy ,I have spent countless sleepless night for find proper alternative for sketch for windows. But you know no luck.

But I’ve found some awesome things that help me to fight hard with sketch. Lets have a look at them .

UberData For Photoshop

I found it first from Anton Lyubushkin’s article. I was so excited about the plugin as it serve my 80% purpose to use sketch.

UberData can insert data from public JSON APIs, news RSS feeds, JSON files, text files and image folders. In the next versions, UberData will become smarter, learn how to work with CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, and maybe something useful.


Download and details can be found here .

Pexels Photoshop Plugin

Admit it, you always wanted to use beautiful dummy placeholder images in your designs. It might be for slider, product list or anything else.

Here Pexels Photoshop plugin gotta save your ass.


Get it from here.

UberFaces plugin for Photoshop

I won’t say anything about it. You guys just check it. 😉 😉

UberFaces is free . Download, use, recommend to friends on Twitter and Facebook.

To install the plug-in, use the latest version of Adobe Extension Manager .

Details here.

again: you need to manually translate the article. 🙁 I will publish a English version if Anton Lyubushkin allow me to do. [ Hey man, can I do it? 😉 😉 ]

Craft Sync (for PS windows) by Invision Lab

Hey InVision lab, you know what, you’re the real culprit here. You guys just keep the best of #craft only for mac. In some cases only for sketch. Huh.


For Prototyping , those who use Invision , You can use craft sync to directly upload your designs from Photoshop to your desired invison prototype.

Hmm !! Looks like I’m done for now here. is there anything I missed ? Please let me know on the comment below.

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