Useful Frequently Asked Questions

In this area I will provide answer to some common questions on the internet. All the answers are verified and experienced personally.

Android Customization (2)

Yes , you can.

  1. you need an unlocked boot loader.
  2. have enough space in internal storage >100 MB (don’t need that much, just safe side)
  3. Boot your device to Fastboot .
  4. connect to PC and in cmd verify connection with pc by typing “fastboot devices”
  5. download twrp for your devices in the location from where CMD is running.
  6. Type fastboot boot twrp.x.x.x.img (make sure type the correct file name)

Optional: if you want to flash it type fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x.x.img (make sure type the correct file name)

Tag: ROM

From 6.X they decided to keep RR rootless by default. User can decide whether root or not, by optionally flashing magisk or super SU.

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